Classic R.A.C. T-shirts

These T-shirts are created using old (album) art from some of the most infamous Skinhead bands. This is a personal effort, for the love of the music. All earnings will be used to cover expenses (T-shirts, printing, etc.) and to print new/other designs.

How does this work? PLEASE READ!

Screenprinting a T-shirt isn't cheap. And as a poor student, I unfortunately don't have the means to print everything I want and sell it later on.

Therefore I have a 'reserve' that needs to be met, which varies per design. Each design needs a fixed number of orders, before it actually goes into print.
For example: Design X costs 200 euro's to print. To cover expenses, I will need to sell 200 / 15 = 13,3 T-shirts. If that number of orders isn't met, I can't afford to have the design printed.

Do note: pre-ordering does not mean you have to pay right away! It's just to ensure that I will sell enough of a certain design to earn back the investment.
After the order-reserve is met, the T-shirts will be printed and everybody who pre-ordered will be contacted to close the deal. I will, of course, in that e-mail include pictures of the actual printed T-shirt.

So, spread the word and help me print the T-shirt(s) of your choice for you!

I hope you understand this way of handling business. I do this for the love of the music and scene. Not to get rich... It's the wrong business to start a financial empire with anyway, haha.

New designs will be available in the future!

Any questions? Just e-mail!

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  1. You have raised a good point screen printing now-a-days is not cheap .you have to design your t-shirts in a way that it could be reasonable for you with money and also looks good on you.